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Adderall Alternatives for Over the Counter Use

Many people have dangerously started using drugs that are normally used to treat conditions like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), such as Adderall, without a prescription. There is even an Adderall shortage right now in the United States, and some people suspect it is because of widespread abuse of Adderall without a prescription. Check out this non-prescription Adderall alternative called ADDTabz. This over the counter adderall alternative in known for it’s ability to increase focus and attention to perform better. Read more ADDTabz reviews.

Sometimes people abuse drugs like Adderall because they like the feeling of intense focus it provides for all night study sessions, or the extra energy these drugs provide. Unfortunately, it is illegal to acquire this without a prescription. Not only that, using someone else prescription is extremely dangerous. Under no circumstance should you ever try to buy adderall or take anyone else’s prescription without speaking to a doctor. There has been an increase in the research around the effects of Adderall as they learn more and more about the prescription.

Luckily for you, there is a new over the counter (OTC) compound and supplement that has been designed specifically to avoid harmful side effects and still give improved focus and energy for long periods of time. Currently, in partnership with Lexium International, we have a special code to get a discount on your first order to try out ADDTabz.

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Over the counter Adderall? Is there any OTC for ADHD?

If you are trying to buy ADHD meds online, you might not come to the right place. As far as we have found, there are no ADHD over the counter medications or an over the counter Adderall alternative for the treatment of ADHD symptoms. But, if you’re looking for the focus of Adderall without a prescription than you need to check out ADDTabz.

Prescription Drug Abuse for Weight Loss

Some people abuse prescription drugs like Adderall because they tend to have a side effect of decreased appetite. Some people think that not feeling hungry will help them lose weight. It can be very dangerous to take drugs for purposes other than they were intended. Instead of abusing prescription drugs to suppress your appetite, check out PhenTabz: an over the counter weight loss supplement. PhenzTabz are design exclusively to your metabolism and not your appetite. This is a very important statement because many people believe that if they do not feel hungry than there body must not need food, which is far from the truth. Decreased appetite is a huge side effect of Adderall that Doctors have been trying to fix for years.

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Where to Buy ADDTabz

ADDTabz is developed and sold by Gentech Pharmaceutical to improve attention, concentration, motor skills, mood, and memory. It’s now sold as an over the counter adderall alternative. Becoming an OTC adderall has been a huge accomplishment for Gentech and now you can buy it online. Part of this huge accomplishment for Gentech is that ADDTabz has none of the horrible side effects you feel after taking adderall. They’ve formulated a smart pill above all the others – producing “Ampheta CDP”. This blend is now used to give you enhanced cognitive ability and function.

Many people with job that require concentration for hours and students trying to study with distraction, ADDTabz will solve those problems. It’s been tested and reviewed by hundreds of writers, artists, athletes, and business owners. Many of these people were in the search of a safe, over the counter adderall that could be bought without a prescription. ADDTabz has been the best selling OTC adderall for the last 2 years. If you can benefit increased mood, focus, attention and increased energy – buy ADDTabz.

Where can I buy ADDTabz?

ADDTabz is sold online and sometimes in local supplement shops. If this is your first time reading about ADDTabz, be sure to read the latest ADDTabz review. Many people heard about ADDTabz through a College friend or word of mouth because of the amazing results. Lucky for you, you can buy ADDTabz with a coupon today save up to $30. Gentech Pharmaceuticals sells ADDTabz through their online store. After you purchase, it’s shipped express and packaged discreetly. Gentech also has very prompt customer service and the cheapest prices.

Buy ADDTabz locally in stores

ADDTabz has been seen in local supplement stores and GNC but the problem with buying ADDTabz locally is that you do not get the current ADDTabz discount we are running. Buying ADDTabz online gives you a great discount and ships right to your house, world wide. ADDTabz is not sold in Walgreens, Walmart, Duane Reade, Kroger, RaceTrac, Kum & Go, 7-Eleven, Wegmans, and others. If you’re interested in buying ADDTabz, read more here.

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